Best Country Destination for Surfing

Jordy Smith, Teahupoo

There are plenty of great surfing destinations around the world. No matter where you go you will certainly find something in accordance with your surfing skills and knowledge. However, one country that is world famous for its fantastic surfing spots is Australia. It offers some unique spots for surfers, so it rightfully labeled as the best country destination for surfing by big majority of surfers. Best spots for surfing in Australia can be picked based on wind directions and swell sizes. All around Australia you will find beautiful warm waters and nice waves, but beware of sharks and other dangers.

Where to Surf In Australia

            Your surfing trip in Australia cannot go without visiting Noosa, Queensland. The long break there is breathtaking and there are massive swells that are very attractive for surfers from all over the world. You can visit this place in every season of the year and always find great waves for surfing. There are spots both for beginners and experienced surfers, so make sure you pay this place a visit.

            Victoria Lorne is another fabulous surfing spot in Australia. Those surfers that wish to spend great time outdoors and enjoy perfect weather and waves should definitely visit this place. Victoria Lorne offers perfect surfing experience for any visitor. It is exciting, unique and thrilling spot where you can enjoy some smooth surfing rides of few hundred meters.

            Margaret River in Western Australia is popular surfing spot, constantly labeled as one of the best in the country. It is often crowded with many surfers from Australia and abroad, and there are also many tourists coming here to witness great wave rides. The climate in this place is very nice and warm, so no matter the season surfers are guaranteed sun and high temperatures.

            Byron Bay, Tallows Beach in Australia is popular place where many broad riders come. There are also plenty of sandy beaches where surfers enjoy. Here you will find The Pass, which is a surfing spot often ranked as one of the best in Australia. What makes Byron Bay attractive surfing spot in Australia is its unique atmosphere. It is a hippy place that offers surfing experience like no other place. This surfing spot in Australia is well protected from strong northeastern winds, so it is a safe spot to surf for beginners and intermediate surfers.

            South Cape Bay, Tasmania finishes this list of few fantastic surfing spots in Australia. If you get a chance to go on Australia`s southern side, then this is a place you should definitely visit. It is great place for surfing, but it is not that crowded like other surfing spots throughout the country. There are often very big and smooth waves that all surfers love riding on. If you do not want to go to crowded beaches and busy spots, then choose South Cape Bay for fantastic surfing experience.

            Besides these, there are plenty of other great spots for surfing in Australia, so try to explore as many as you can.